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Vaccination Standby

The standby list for leftover COVID vaccine

Vaccination locations sometimes have unused, extra doses of COVID vaccine they must either use or throw out. We give providers like pharmacies or clinics with leftover doses a way to reach nearby people looking to get vaccinated on a moment's notice.

No wasted vaccine. No hours-long lines. Verified providers.

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How it works

If a vaccination location needs to use doses ASAP, we get the word out to locals who immediately want the vaccine.

Extras available

Leftovers happen. People miss their appointments. Vials come with extra doses. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are extremely temperature sensitive. Any thawed vials must be used within 6 hours, or they get thrown out.

Until now, people have been lining up for hours for the chance to get a one of these leftover doses.

Three vials, two empty, one with a little left
A map pin with a clock, on top of a vial

They let us know

Vaccination Standby lets providers with extra, unused doses reach people within driving distance who want to get vaccinated. A provider posts a drop with the number of doses + any instructions. If it’s their first time posting a drop, we verify its authenticity and register them for faster drops later.

We let you know

If you’ve signed up here, we’ll send you a text message if your address is nearby. You have 15 minutes to confirm that you want one, and can start heading over immediately. When you arrive, a vaccine dose is still not guaranteed, and you should follow any instructions from the provider.

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We have joined forces with Dr. B! We are excited to unify our efforts to help avoid waste and get people vaccinated. To register, head over to vaxstandby.hidrb.com.

If you have already registered with us, you will need to register again on Dr. B. Read the full announcement.

Questions? We have some answers.

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How can I help?
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